Keynote Speaker for ICR3E 2021


Assoc. Prof. Mohd Arif Agam, University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia, Malaysia
Research Area: Laser Irradiation to polymer materials, Nanocomposite and Nanocatalysts
MA Agam completed his PhD from Nanoscale Physics Research Laboratory, University of Birmingham, UK in 2006. Awarded as Best Malaysian-UK student in 2005 by Malaysian government and published more than 60 research papers in reputed journals. His research interest span from polymer resists to functional nanomaterials especially for environment preservation. Focus more on overexposure of doped polymers in direct fabrication of graphitic materials such as Diamond like Carbon for advance materials research and applications. Visiting Scholar to Tianjin University, China (2019) and Visiting Professor to Ibn Tufail, Kenitra, Morocco (2020).

Dr. Ragif Huseynov, Founding Director, Khazar Educational Center, Ganja, Azerbaijan
Research Area: Agricultural economics, Food security and Sustainability development.
Dr. Ragif Huseynov is Founding Director at Khazar Educational Center in Azerbaijan. He received his Master degree from Azerbaijan State Agricultural University in 2014 and PhD degree from Szent Istvan University, Hungary in 2020. He has organized three International Scientific Conferences for Young Researchers in Poland and Hungary. He published more than 25 peer-reviewed research papers in different international scientific journals. Meanwhile, he has attended more than 15 International Scientific Conferences in European and Asian countries. He is also a member of editorial board of several international scientific journals. He is now working in the field of agricultural economics, food security and sustainability development.

Associate Professor. Mahmoud Moh'd Mahmoud Al Shawabkeh
WMG, Warwick University, UK/Guangxi Normal University for Nationalities, China
Biography:Dr. Alshawabkeh, a Jordanian researcher in the field of computer network security and information systems. Obtained first degree (Bachelor of computer science & information systems) from Philadelphia University, Jordan and obtained a second degree (Master of computer science) from university science Malaysia, furthermore, obtained the second master of cybersecurity and management from WMG, Warwick University, UK. Dr. Alshawabkeh (Ph.D. of Science and Technology) obtained from USIM, Malaysia. Now working as an associate professor at Guangxi Normal University for Nationalities, China. Before that Dr. Alshawabkeh was an academic staff and researcher since 1999.

Associated Prof. Maohua Li, Xi’an Siyuan University, China
Research Area: Corporate Social Responsibility and Environment Engineering
Dr. Maohua Li is an associate professor at Xi’an Siyuan University. He received his MD degree from Shaanxi Normal University in 2009 and PhD degree from European Szent Istvan University in 2018. And then, he set up the Institute for Corporate Social Responsibility, and become the director of this institute. This institute is focusing on environment protection, sustainable development and social responsibility. He joined School of Business, Xi’an Siyuan University. He is now working in the field of social responsibility and environment protection. He has published more than 30 papers in prestigious journals and international conferences, 10 of which have been indexed in SCI, EI, CICP, etc. He has finished more than 10 research projects and received many awards because of his excellent teaching and researching work. He is a CMA and member of IMA (Institute of management accounting), and an auditor in China.

Prof. Steivan Defilla, Tianjin University, China
Research Area: Sustainable urbanization
Steivan Defilla, Swiss national, visiting Professor of school of architecture, Tianjin University; President Assistant of APEC Sustainable Energy Center since 2018. Lead author of the “APEC Sustainable Urban Development Report - From Models to Results”. He is the former (2010 - 2016) Director of the Energy Charter, an intergovernmental energy organization with 50 Member states headquartered in Brussels. He managed the expansion of the Energy Charter to include 30 new observer states, among them China. He also supervised or co-authored 26 studies and analyses and 2 books on energy-related subjects. As Senior Energy Advisor to the Swiss Economics Minister (1999 - 2010) he contributed to the reform of the Swiss electricity sector, the Swiss infrastructure strategy and the Swiss foreign energy policy. He wrote a book prefaced by the Swiss Energy Minister and co-authored 13 articles in English, German, French and Russian languages. He also attended Governing Board meetings of the IEA and co-chaired multilateral negotiations at the Energy Charter. Steivan holds a Master degree in Statistics and a Bachelor degree in Economics from the University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. He also holds a Postgraduate degree on Energy from the Federal Polytechnic Institute Lausanne. Steivan is winner of a United World Colleges scholarship and is fluent in eight languages.

Associate Professor. Zhixing Gu, Chengdu University of Technology, China
Research Area: Nuclear Energy